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Úniková hra - SAW


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Úniková hra - Čarodějnice


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Úniková hra - ASYLUM


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Úniková hra - SAW ELECTRIC


Summer 2019





Escape Game / Exit Game / Exit Room / Escape Room. The escape game’s principle is to solve a typically 2-4-member logic puzzle team to look for hidden hints to discovered a hidden object or lock code behind other traces and tasks leading to progress in the game and its goal – getting out within a time limit .

You will experience in our place 60 minutes of real escape game that give you the opportunity to experience for a while the tension and feelings of computer searches, connections and original escape games. During the game time you will forget about the world and the common worries, because you are fully occupied by the atmosphere, concentrating on the correct solutions to the puzzles and connections. Team communication is extremely important for successful graduation. That’s why participation in the game is suitable for corporate teambuilding, family fun, or an unconventional way of spending time with friends. Apart from the time in the game itself, you will usually have to talk about live impressions and feelings for a long time after the game.



We also have gift vouchers for you. This can be ordered at info@escapepraha.cz

We will send you a voucher by email or you can come to pick it up in the office.

You can pay the voucher by picking up or by bank transfer to 2501454368/2010

Opportunities for schools and businesses. For more information and discounts, please contact us.

Discounts can not be combined


The game is suitable for teams of any age and genders. The game will be enjoyed by everyone who likes to solve puzzles, riddles and complicated tasks. The game is not very suitable for young children and teenagers up to 15 years of age due to theme of the rooms.

We will leave you closed for a little longer if there will be time and no other group after your group. In any case, our servise will come to you to free up.

No. There is no need to climb anywhere in the game or run before anything. So if you manage to crouch a little, raise your hands or step out, you can handle our game without the slightest problems.

You need only common sense for the game. You do not have to worry about any heavy math or history.
Dress up comfortably so you can concentrate on the game. There is no need to have anything special. Because of the surroundings, white clothing is not the best choice:) It is better to choose clothes that you will not be sorry for eventually grubbiness.

No, only cash or by bank transfer to the account 2501454368/2010.

Before the game begins, there is a brief briefing on the rules of the game and the story waiting for you in the room. And the last moment to visit the toilet before you get the atmosphere of the game. Please arrive 10 minutes before the time you booked. Due to a precisely timed schedule, it is not possible to stretch the game after the time limit. So the later you arrive, the less time you will stay on the game itself.